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Snow Machine Rental

Snow Machine Rental

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Our "Silent" operation snow machine rentals are a durable high output artificial snow machine. 

  • High quality High output Snow machine rental $499
  • Snow solution is NOT included in the rentals of the machine.
  • A liter of snow fluid will last about 3 minutes on high. 
  • A liter of snow fluid will last 5-8 minutes on light snow. 
  • Snow fluid is $9.99 per liter.  
  • One hour of light snow is about 9 to 10 liters of snow solution. 

Important things to know about our Snow Machine Rental and the Snow Fluid

  • This will have a real snow look but only last a short time
  • The solution is biodegradable and will not stain
  • The floor/ground may become slippery.  

Artificail Snow Machine Rental

Artifical Snow Machine Rental

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