Ninja Warped Wall


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Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

27' Lx16'Wx16'H

Space Needed:

35' Lx20'Wx18'H

Age Requirement:


Height Requirement:


Product Information:

Ninja Warped Wall is the best inflatable action game available.  This unit will put your skills and strengths to the test.  This is not just for kids; your teens and adults will have as much fun if not more than the kids. 

Become a Ninja Warrior and conquer the Ninja Warped Wall! The inflatable walls are three different heights 11 feet, 9 feet, and 7 feet allowing varied degrees of challenge.  Run as fast as you can up the specially designed warped wall which is firm even though it is 100% inflatable. Non-slip vinyl ensures you have enough grip to make it to the top! If you need a helping hand there are grab bars to pull yourself up onto the deck; once at the top it’s a left turn to slide down back to the start.

What is included in the interactive inflatable rental:

  • The inflatable
  • Blower to inflate the item
  • 50’ extension cords
  • Stakes to secure the item into the ground (other options available)

What is REQUIRED by the client:

  • Power – 15 amp circuits within 75 of the rear of the unit (unless a generator has been rented)
  • Clear open area (please measure to make sure it will fit)
  • At least 1 ADULT supervisors at all times

Helpful information:

  • This is a DRY only item and can be unsafe if used wet
  • $1000 fee if water is used on this item
  • Standard surface is regular green grass.  If you have an alternate surface, you must notify the office before ordering.

Other Fun Rental Items:

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Important information you need to know before ordering:

  1. The prices shown are based on a 5-hour rental at a residential location with a grass set up during non-peak days within our delivery area.
  2. Peak season pricing is available upon the date selected. Simply click the orange "Check Availability" to see if your date has a peak season price.
  3. Out-of-delivery area pricing is available upon request.
  4. Additional fees will be shown on the final screen. Some additional fees that may be added are taxes, delivery, and surface fees for surfaces other than grass (for example concrete or landscape rock)
  5. Non-Residential orders are required to be placed through the office

*Items may vary from picture

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