Ninja Run 85' Obstacle Course (A & B)


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Build Arizona's longest obstacle course rental!  The 85 ft Ninja Run Obstacle Course is just part of Arizona's longest obstacle course. At 85 feet long this obstacle course rental consists of the Ninja 40ft Obstacle Course (A) and the Ninja 45ft Obstacle Course (B). The 85 ft Ninja Run Obstacle Course rental is a great obstacle course if you want to race and compete with an opponent. Obstacle Course rentals offer challenging terrain that even challenges adults. The obstacle course features bright vibrant colors to attract your guest.  This rental also keeps your guest entertained for hours with tunnels to climb through, logs to maneuver through, popups to finesse themselves around, and a wall to climb overall to see who finishes first.  This obstacle course is great for elementary age to high school age all the way to adults!  This is a 2-piece rental, so it requires 2 blowers and 2 power sources.

Arizona's longest obstacle course consists of 6 pieces including the 30 ft obstacle course, (2) 40 ft obstacle courses, a 45 ft obstacle course, a rock climb slide, and the U-turn for a grand total of 205 feet long.  These obstacle courses can be configured in many different ways to fit in lots of different areas.  

  • Ninja 30 ft Obstacle Course
  • Ninja 40 ft Obstacle Course
  • Ninja 45 ft Obstacle Course
  • Ninja Rock Climb Slide 
  • Ninja 70 ft Obstacle Course
  • Ninja 85 ft Obstacle Course
  • Ninja 90 ft Obstacle Course 
  • Ninja 115 ft Obstacle Course
  • Ninja 135 ft Obstacle Course
  • Ninja 175 ft Obstacle Course 
  • Ninja 185 ft Obstacle Course
  • Ninja 205 ft Obstacle Course

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  3. Out-of-delivery area pricing is available upon request.
  4. Additional fees will be shown on the final screen. Some additional fees that may be added are taxes, delivery, and surface fees for surfaces other than grass (for example concrete or landscape rock)
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