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Circuits needed:


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Space Needed:


Age Requirement:

Height Requirement:

48" and Taller

Product Information:

The mechanical Meltdown, also known as the Wipeout or the Eliminator is an 8 player action game.  This game will challenge your stamina, agility, and reaction time.  Two spinning boom arms try to knock you off your spot and just when you think you are clear the arms switch directions.  As you duck under and jump over the arms you will keep on your toes to win.  The mechanical Meltdown is similar to the mechanical bull rental with its power requirements.  This unit requires two separate 15 amp circuits, once circuit for the blower, and one circuit for the controller.  The inflatable meltdown measures 30 feet by 30 feet but requires 35 feet by 35 feet for clearance.   All riders must be 48 inches or taller to enjoy this activity.   The mechanical Meltdown game includes a trained operator to help keep everyone playing safe.  

Mechanical Meltdown price:

  • $999 for up to 3hours 
  • $150 for each additional hour.   
  • Events over 6 hours receive a discount
  • Price may increase on High Demand Dates

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