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Who wants S'mores?  AZ Inflatable Events provides your guest with the unique experience of making their own s'mores at your location.  Do you remember sitting around the campfire making S'mores as a child, remember the fun? Rent just the booth or add on our full-service options.  Full service includes the S'mores themed booth, chocolate, graham crackers, marsh mellows, sticks, and roasting stations.  Each guest will get a S'mores kit and stick them go over to the roasting station and roast their own marshmallow.  When your guest is satisfied with their marshmallow they built the S'more and get to enjoy dessert under the stars! 

S`mores Booth Pricing:

  • $149 When added to a concession machine or inflatable rental 
  • $199 A la carte
  • $129 Client Pick up at the showroom 
  • Add an additional roasting station for $39
  • Full-Service options available upon request (minimum quantity 200) 

What is included in the S`mores Booth Rental: 

  • Decorative S`mores Banner 
  • Frame to hold the banner 
  • 2 - 6' Table (one for the booth and one for the roasting station) 
  • 2 -  Table Linens
  • 2 -  roasting station includes 2 burners each
  • Light Kit (requires power/power not included) 

What is REQUIRED by the client: 

  • Power for the light kit 
  • Adult Supervision for the the booth set up and the roasting area

What is RECOMMENDED to be provided by the client: 

  • Fire extinguisher (anytime you haven an open flame you should have a fire extinguisher)
  • Trash can near by
  • Metal Container with sand or rocks for the hot sticks to be placed in

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Important information you need to know before ordering:

  1. Equipment Delivery Minimum must be met for all orders.
  2. Supplies are not included in the price of the machine.
  3. The prices shown are based on a 5-hour rental at a residential location with power available during non-peak days within our delivery area.
  4. Peak season pricing is available upon the date selected. Simply click the orange "Check Availability" to see
    if your date has a peak season price.
  5. Out-of-delivery area pricing is available upon request.
  6. Additional fees will be shown on the final screen. Some additional fees that may be added are taxes, delivery, and special request fees
  7. Non-Residential orders are required to be placed through the office, do not continue to make the order.

Call AZ Inflatable Events today to reserve your s'mores booth!

*Items may vary from picture 

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