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Product Information:

Cotton Candy is a worldwide iconic carnival treat first introduced in 1904! It has stood the test of time and will be hit of your event even still today. Our Cotton Candy machines are table top units (table not included) so they are perfect for your largescale event or your backyard bash. We have all the add-ons you to complete your machine. Add on a cotton candy machine to pair with your carnival rides, obstacle course and more! 

Cotton Candy Machine Rental Pricing:

  • $79 When added to an inflatable or ride rental
  • $99 A la carte  

Cotton Candy Supply Pricing:

  • Carton of Sugar Floss approx. 50 servings $14
  • Paper Cotton Candy Sticks (bundled in quantities of 50) $8
  • Cotton Candy Bags (bundled in quantities of 100) $15

Cotton Candy Machine Add-on's:

  • Cotton Candy Bubble $29
  • Cotton Candy Stick Holder $20

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Important information you need to know before ordering:

  1. Equipment Delivery Minimum must be met for all orders.
  2. Supplies are not included in the price of the machine.
  3. The prices shown are based on a 5-hour rental at a residential location with power available during non-peak days within our delivery area.
  4. Peak season pricing is available upon the date selected. Simply click the orange "Check Availability" to see
    if your date has a peak season price.
  5. Out-of-delivery area pricing is available upon request.
  6. Additional fees will be shown on the final screen. Some additional fees that may be added are taxes, delivery, and special request fees
  7. Non-Residential orders are required to be placed through the office, do not continue to make the order.

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*Items may vary from picture 


  • Purple Grape Cotton Candy Flossugar (50 Servings)

  • Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Flossugar (50 Servings)

  • Pink Vanilla Cotton Candy Flossugar (50 Servings)

  • Cotton Candy Cone Sticks (50)

  • Cotton Candy bags (100)

  • Cotton Candy Holder

  • Cotton Candy Bubble

    Cotton Candy Bubble can only be rented with a cotton candy machine 

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